Jane Ray (NYF Clinician) | jane.ray@nyfoundling.org | Room 323| 646-630-1898 

Megan Campeau (NYF Clinician) | megan.campeau@nyfoundling.org | Room 323 | 646-978-0938

Michelle Watsula (NYF Supervisor) | michelle.watsula@nyfoundling.org |347-803-5545 


Guidance Counselor: Guidance Suite 2nd Floor
Evelyn Carela (SAPIS III) | Rm G 47 | ECarela2@schools.nyc.gov212-496-0700  Ext. 2947

Parent/Student Resource:
Attached is a 2018 report supplement on teens and Anxiety from the Child Mind Institute. The full report may be downloaded here:

Did You Know?
The Wellness Center at LaGuardia provides mental health support for LaG Students as part of an overall Student Wellness Initiative sponsored by Dr. Mars and the Parents Association. This initiative is supported by Mr. Mackey (AP Guidance) and Ms. Carela (SAPIS and Head of Social Emotional Support programs at LaG) along with onsite social workers and your child’s guidance counselors.

How Does My Child Get Support for Mental Health at LaGuardia?
The social-emotional support team at LaGuardia consists of the clinicians at the LaGuardia Wellness Center along with your child’s guidance counselor, social workers, and our onsite SAPIS.
Please review the “Process Map” below to see how your child can access the Wellness Center and other mental health support at LaGuardia.

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