Sunday Night News

Dear LaGuardia Parents,

We don’t know how many of you noticed, but the Tech crew for “In the Heights” made sure that the shelves of the bodega for “In the Heights” were authentic – right down to the cans, cookies and bags of rice donated by Goya. (If you look closely at the picture below, you’ll just about make them out.) When it came time to strike the set, the same Tech kids – instead of dumping everything – collected all the food products from the bodega and brought them as a much-welcomed donation to a soup kitchen and food pantry on W. 71st Street.

We’re sharing this with you because we think it speaks to the spirit of the holiday season and to the spirit of LaGuardia’s students. To engage with the arts, as our students are privileged to do every day, is to embrace the human condition. We celebrate that and wish all of you a very joyous winter recess!

And because we’re in a festive mood, we thought we’d take you backstage to witness something that is rarely – if ever – seen by the public.

Yes, it’s the util-a-kilt! Combination utility belt and kilt!
It’s an opening night tribute – a tradition for the Tech Seniors (Class of 2015) wherein the TD always wears a kilt.

The brave TD pictured on the left is Justin Fenniman and we’d like to give a shout-out to him and the rest of the Tech seniors…will the util-a-kilt vanish with them? Does the Loch Ness monster exist?

Ponder these mysteries while we move on to more serious business. Don’t worry, it’s not that serious and we don’t have a lot – it’s a short week (there’s rapid dismissal this Tuesday, the 23rd, and we won’t see you again until Monday, January 5, 2015!)


Payment of Senior Dues is mandatory. The full amount of  $240 must be paid by Friday, February 13, 2015. Senior Dues paid after this date are subject to a late fee of $10. After May 1, 2015, the late fee is $20. Dues are mandatory and are non-refundable.

Senior Dues may be paid in Room 231 by cash, check, or money order. Checks should be made out to “LaGuardia High School” with the student’s name in the memo section. You may also pay with a credit card through the school store, located on the school’s home page. To log in to the Web Store, the ID number is the 9-digit student ID. The password is first name initial plus last name (e.g., JSmith.) There is an additional charge (approximately 7%) for using this outside service.

Graduates who pay dues by the deadline will receive one additional ticket for graduation. Important: For additional information, please see this week’s Yellow Sheet.

Stephen Colbert Got It Right!

Why did Stephen Colbert select Donors Choose as a beneficiary of the Colbert Report grand-finale raffle of his desk and fireplace? The LaGuardia community could tell the world! We’ve raised more than $35,500 on the phenomenal website this semester alone for more than 30 classroom projects posted by our teachers! The projects have attracted widespread support not only from parents (thank you!) but also from corporations, private foundations, and individual do-gooders around the country. Most recently, Ms. Fischer’s dream to create a Math Library came true, as did Mr. Fransowie’s wish to bring life-science lessons to life with a document camera for his classroom.

Please consider making your holiday gift to LaGuardia classrooms by supporting two brand-new projects! Please remember that Donors Choose donations are tax deductible and eligible for most employer matching gift programs. Click here to find out if your donations are eligible and to see instructions:

As a bonus you may receive a Donors Choose gift card to support more LaGuardia projects!

Mrs. McGoey’s NEW AP PSYCHOLOGY project is the recipient of a HALF-OFF GRANT from KIA. Her students need scientific models, charts and posters for their classroom as they head into the 2nd semester. Click here or go to:

ITALIAN teacher Ms. Laricchia’s NEW project for a Macbook for her classroom is eligible for only 4 days for the SPARK match. Double your donation by typing SPARK in the promo code box on the payment page and be sure to hit APPLY to redeem. Grazie mille! Click here or go to:

In the News

We thought you might enjoy the article in this Friday’s New York Times about our own Arturo O’Farrill, and the “restoration of diplomatic and commercial ties between the United States and Cuba” which “should ease the path for much more cultural exchange between the distant neighbors.” Arturo’s two sons both graduated from LaGuardia and Arturo has returned the favor many times over – the last time was at the amazing Jazz Reunion produced by Alumni & Friends of LaGuardia.

Click here or go to:

Don’t forget to make your contributions to the Annual Appeal and to your Studio!
Every dollar goes to support our students and we need everyone to pitch in.
Click HERE and do it today!
Prefer to pay by check or money order?
Click HERE and download the form to pay by mail.

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