Spring Drama Festival

For more information contact: dramareps@laguardiahspa.org.


Lead Sponsor:
The Frederick Loewe Foundation

MARQUEE ($2,500+)


Melissa Wohlgemuth and Matt Howard

Zahn/Simons Family


SPOTLIGHT ($1,000+)

David and Anne Bergman

Teresa Buerkle

The Parents of Gemma and Willem Marx

Schlomete Yoo

Schwartzburt/Weisner Family

ENCORE ($500+)

Family of Jordana Keller


Bellavigna Family

Chris, David and Luke Boals

Compo Family

BRAVO ($100+)

Amma Leena Brown
Claudia Cantarella and Adam Richards
Cassidy-Tucker Family
Proud Mother of Ryan Failla
Armando Furlani
Jason and Emily Furlani
Proud Grammy of Eva Furlani
Lapham Family
Becky Sandler and Jeremy Boal
Semmens Family
Shaffer Family
Anne Shonbrun and Alan Siege
Stebenne Family
Stein Family
Testa Family
Pia Tung
Veciana Family
Walden Family – Lisa, David, Scarlet and Stella
James A. Woller
The Family of Rocco Wu

PATRON ($50+)

Donna and Jonathan Gyurko
Leonard Family
Family of Lucy Machlan
Nichols Family
Felicia Park-Rogers and Rachel Timoner, Proud Parents of Benji Timoner
Dominique Saint-Louis and Kirby Bradley
Helayne Schiff and Alexander Stein
Reimer-Sherman Family
Deanne Sokolin and Family
Emily Steed and Rich Maloney, Proud Parents of Owen Maloney Tech 2022
Dawn Taliento
Vaknine Family


Andrea Ashton and Christopher Norr
Family of Tanna and Wylie Dodson
Proud Family of Emma Gonzalez, Drama '20
Marlene Hennessy
Lisa Katz
Proud Parent of Valentina Marcilio
McGrail Family
Milazzo Family
Tracy Sallows and Brian O’Neill
Proud Parents of Rachel Sophia Shatzkin Drama '20
Wright Family

** Proceeds from the Spring Drama Festival Sponsorship Program are used to directly support SDF production costs.

Updated 3/10/2020 

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