Incoming Student Orientation

Add Some Clarity to Your Beginning

Wednesday, August 31, 2016, 10:00 AM in the LaGuardia Arts H.S. Concert Hall

Registration Opens at 9:15 AM.

If you are unable to attend the orientation, please email  Students who are unable to attend the Orientation will receive the information on the first day of school.

Welcome Letter

At the beginning of August, a Welcome Letter will be sent via US Mail.  This letter will provide you with the necessary information to have a successful beginning of the school year.  Included in the letter will be information regarding our Incoming Student Orientation.  Parents are welcome to attend this event.

If you did not receive your packet or if you changed your address, please contact Ms. LaMonica.

Summer Assignment

Our home page lists the Summer Assignment for Incoming Freshmen.  Only the English assignment is required.

For more information go to

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