Subscribe to the LaGuardia iCal Calendar Feed

SUBSCRIBE TO THE ONLINE SCHOOL CALENDAR: You can subscribe to the LaGuardia school calendar’s iCal feed with a Google Calendar, Outlook, iPhone, Android or other smart phones, tablets and devices. This way, important LaGuardia events will be automatically listed in your calendar, and any changes will be updated automatically. Instructions for iOS users are below. For other devices and systems, the method will be similar, but please look up instructions for subscribing to an iCal feed, or contact the PA Webmaster for help.

iOS 11:
Go to Settings, then select then “Accounts & Passwords”

At the bottom of the list, click on “Add Account” and then click “Other” at the bottom.

Click on “Add Subscribed Calendar” and then copy and paste this link in the “Server:” box:


You can then select the “Remove Alarms” button to determine whether or not LaGuardia events will provide event alerts or be silent.  Add a Description of your choice and leave the User Name and Password blank. Leave “Use SSL” turned off.

Now go to your calendar display and click on the “Calendars” link to be sure that your subscribed calendar is checked for display. You can select a color for the school calendar’s display to differentiate it from your other calendar events.

You should now be subscribed to the school calendar. When changes or additions are made, it should update automatically to your iOS device.

The LaGuardia iCal link can also be found at under ABOUT US> UPCOMING EVENTS (scroll to the bottom of the page, lower right).  You can also subscribe to the calendar as an RSS feed or download an ICS file here.

If you have an Android or other OS phone and can help translate the above instructions for those operating systems, please send an email to

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