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A&F – Alumni & Friends Alumni & Friends Of LaGuardia – provides individual awards, department grants and other assistance to the students and school that enhance the arts education and ensures that current and future students receive the same high quality arts education provided to alumni. A&F also has many special programs that support students with financial need. A&F’s endowment provides approximately $450,000/year to the school and its students. Additionally, A&F is also an important source of in-kind donations from our Alumni, such as instruments for the Music Studio.
Absence Form To be used when a student comes back to school after an excused absence, must be signed by parent and all teachers and then taken to the attendance office on the second floor. Found on the website under My LaGuardia / Parents / Forms / (Attendance Forms) along with other attendance forms (cut correction, etc). Where do you find out if your child was marked absent or as having cut a class? PupilPath.
504 plans/IEPs
Students who qualify can get accommodations such as extended time on exams by submitting a 504 form. For more information click here or contact office of AP Justin Mackey at 212.496.0700 x3261, or Owen Harkness. A 504 plan only lasts for the current school year. You need to submit a new application for it each September.
AF – Academic Forum The Academic Forum is a subgroup of the Parents Association, focusing on Academic matters at LaGuardia. Meetings are held monthly on a range of topics with guest speakers and parent panels.
All-School Musical See Musical.
AP (Assistant Principal) Assistant Principal – there is one for every academic discipline, studios, and administration. When your child is having a problem in a class and you have not been able to resolve the problem directly with the teacher, turn to the AP of the department.
AP (Advanced Placement) Advanced Placement – curriculum and testing by the College Board, with a high enough score on the College Board exam, some colleges will give credit for the class
APES Advanced Placement Environmental Science
APUSH Advanced Placement US History
ARCHON ARCHON is the National Service Honor Society. LaGuardia’s chapter recognizes students with an average GPA of 85 or above who have demonstrated strong leadership qualities and a dedication to community service. ARCHON membership means that you are willing to give back to the LaGuardia community through the completion of 80 hours of community service and at least two school-based events per year.
Click here for more information
ARISTA ARISTA is a National Honor Society (NHS) chapter primarily in NYC public junior high schools and high schools. The requirements for being and remaining a member of ARISTA require that students maintain at least a GPA of 90 and complete community service hours. Arista members provide in school tutoring.
Click here for more information
Bell Schedule See schedule.
Black Box Small theater in the basement used for small drama productions. It’s all black…
Blackout Cast and crew are excused from academic classes to work on show productions.
Blacks Drama students have to wear all black for their drama classes, and tech theater kids have to wear all black for dress rehearsals and performances. No printing or designs on shirts.
Block A block of periods that are programmed for a specific studio class. These blocks can make it difficult to get classes that do not have a lot of sections offered, such as AP World Language classes.
Broken Wrench Tech classes are canceled and students work during class time on production. Broken wrench is called when production is behind schedule for a show.
ClassJump – Teacher Web Pages See eClassroom
Clubs Afterschool clubs are formed in the fall – students who want to start a new club need to find a teacher who will be the advisor for the club. Deadlines will be posted in School Life, the weekly school news update. Some are low key (“play table tennis”), some are super serious (GLI supporting a sister school in Uganda). Some perform regularly (Step Team), some are just for enjoyment (foreign film).
College Advisors LaGuardia hires advisers specializing in conservatory college applications to assist students interested in conservatories.
College Office On the second floor, has reference resources for juniors and seniors. Students meet representatives from visiting colleges in the College Office.
Community Service: Students can get credit for Community Service by assisting their studio department or the school. Possible jobs include tutoring, assisting with auditions on weekends, ushering, assisting in the office. Community Service hours will be documented and can be included in letters of recommendation or appended to a student’s transcript upon request.
Concert Hall The largest of LaGuardia’s theaters – seating capacity 1100. This is where the Musical, Opera, Rising Stars and the Graduation Dance Concert performances are staged. See also: Little Flower
Conference Day (about every other Monday) Special schedule where each class is shorter so that school ends early. No after-school activities on conference days. See schedule.
Crew Heads Students selected in each tech area to supervise/teach other students in their crew.
CTE Career & Technical Education
Department Liaisons Department Liaisons are AF volunteers who communicate on a regular basis with the Academic Department AP’s to get news about the department and report back to the AF, and to pass on to the AP any questions or concerns that parents have raised.
Double Period Some classes are scheduled over a double period – especially science classes with a lot of lab time, such as AP Biology
EB (Executive Board) The Executive Board includes the Co-Presidents and Co-Vice Presidents of the Parent Association (PA), freshman representative, studio representatives, SLT representatives, and meets with the principal once a month to discuss parent and school needs and budget needs. For a list of all the members, click on the Contact Us link above and scroll down.
eClassroom – Teacher Web Pages Websites that some teachers use to post their homework. Different teachers use different apps or websites. One such app is Remind for iOS and Android. See also Google Apps for Education.
FAQs Quick links to school information may be found on the LaGuardia HS website home page under About Us / FAQs.
Free Period When a student has a free period that does not fall in period 4, 5 or 6 – the regular lunch periods. Due to scheduling difficulties, some students have a free period but no lunch period – there will be a sympathetic teacher who will let them eat in class.
Google Apps for Education Google Apps for Education (GAFE) is a suite of applications designed to facilitate communication and integration on school and classroom projects. Login credentials for new accounts are in the form:
User: [first name][last initial][last 4 digits of OSIS]
PW: [9-digit OSIS]

Go to Your Username is also your LaGuardia-specific email account. Note that while students and staff may already have Gmail accounts, we suggest you use your email for school-related work, as some of the classroom applications can only be used with this email address. For more information, contact Ms. Allison Price, Room 229C.
Grades LaG is on a semester scheme with 6 progress reports (report cards). Only the January and June final grades appear on the child’s transcript. The other interim grades are for you to discuss in parent/teacher conferences. More interim grades (homework & tests) are available on PupilPath.
Graduation concert Dance performance by graduating senior dance students, in June. A culmination of works by faculty and guest choreographers.
Honor Roll Distinct from Honor Society – students who have maintained a minimum 90% GPA and 97% attendance, and have not had any disciplinary action.
iCal Subscription You can subscribe to the school calendar on your mobile phone or computer. For more information, click here
IDNYC IDNYC is a government-issued identification card that is available to all New York City residents age 14 and older. Immigration status does not matter. The IDNYC card is free for all New Yorkers. Cards are valid for five years from the date the application is approved. The application process is accessible to people with limited English proficiency and people with disabilities. For more information, click here.
IEPs See Accommodations.
Junior project Dance performance by junior dance students in spring. Students learn the craft of choreography through small dance compositions.
LaGuardia PA Appeal The majority of the PA’s funds are raised through annual All-School Appeal giving. Apart from teacher salaries, our PA contributes more to the school than the DOE. The arts would not be possible at LaGuardia without your annual All-School Appeal contributions! For more information go to: See also Studio Appeal.
Library passwords The LaG library is more than just a space in the school, it has extensive online resources. The login for the databases is “laghs” all lower case, and the password is 10023. For EasyBib the coupon code is “laguardiaarts2012” There is a link to the library web resources from the MyLaGuardia tab on the school website. Email the librarian for help if passwords are not working.
Little Flower The smaller of the two main stages – an intimate theater with seating capacity of 460 – this is where the SDFs are put on and the Jazz band and Gospel Choir usually perform. (“Little Flower” is a reference to Mayor Fiorello H. LaGuardia‘s nickname, the English translation of the Italian word fiorello.) See also: Concert Hall
Metrocards / LIRR For all issues relating to student Metrocards and transportation, students should see Ms. Joanne Johnson, Room 230, before 1 p.m., or contact APO Shelliann Williams. See also the Metrocards page at
Microsoft – Free Software Parents and guardians of a student enrolled in a NYC public school are now able to download Microsoft software, at no cost, on up to five of their family’s computers and five of their family’s tablets, smart phones, or other mobile devices. For details click here.
Musical (All-School Musical) The All-School Musical is a school-wide production, auditions are open to all LaGuardia students. Recent musicals have included The Sound of Music, 42nd Street, Les Misérables and In the Heights.
Musicales Musicales are music concerts that feature different performance groups and classes, both vocal and instrumental. Percussion, girls chorus and elementary orchestra might share a bill. The musicales give students in the music dept a chance to perform on stage.
Naviance Naviance is a separate website used for managing college application paperwork. Naviance also includes x2VOL, a
secure and accurate system that tracks and documents community service learning hours. Login credentials for new accounts are in the form:
User: [first name][last initial][last 4 digits of OSIS]
PW: [9-digit OSIS]

Go to and at the upper right, click on My LaGuardia / Resources / Login. For more information about Naviance, contact Parent Coordinator Allison Price at ext. 2235, for information.
New Music Ensemble For both instrumental and vocal majors; a group you audition into by playing something you composed. In the class you work on compositions w/ other members of class and perform all over city.
NYC Schools Account The replacement for ARIS Parent Link, the portal at provides limited information about your student’s academic history. Click here for information on registering for a NYC Schools Account. For more extensive information about your student’s progress at LaGuardia Arts, please access PupilPath.
Observation Week Twice a year dance parents are invited to observe their children’s modern and ballet technique classes.
OP (Official Period) Official Period – special schedule when students meet in a kind of “homeroom”. They have an OP when schedules or report cards are being handed out, for instance. See schedule.
Opera The Annual Opera is a Music Department production, featuring students who are in the Opera Workshop and Opera Pit Orchestra classes. This a not-to-be missed production. Recent Opera Workshop productions have included La Belle Helene, Sweeney Todd, Orpheus in the Underworld, Pirates! (based on The Pirates of Penzance),Titanic the Musical and The Mystery of Edwin Drood.
PA Parents Association, as opposed to a PTA – all parents, no teachers. Click here for more info.
PA E-Blasts and Mailings Weekly e-mails sent by the PA to parents, providing important information. To receive them you have to sign up HERE.
PA General Meeting All parents meet to hold school-wide PA elections, vote on the overall PA budget, get updates from the principal and the school’s parent coordinator, special topic presentations, etc.
PA Studio Meetings Parents meet as a studio group, etc., etc., typically on the same night as the PA General Meeting
Parent Coordinator The LaGuardia Parent Coordinator is Ms. Allison Price at ext. 2235
Pit The student musicians of the orchestras for the operas, musicals, etc. Also refers to the recessed space in which said musicians perform.
PODS Parents of Drama Students (See also: POTS)
Pointe An optional after-school dance class open to all dance students funded by the Dance Studio PA, which pays for 2 faculty members – a ballet teacher and a live accompanist.
Portfolios In the art studio, the student’s collection of visual art work, photographs, etc. in a folio, to be presented formally in the senior year as one graduation requirement (and is necessary when applying to art conservatories, and may be used in supplemental applications). Tech students also prepare a portfolio of shows they have worked on and their position for the show.
POTS Parents of Technical Theater Students (See also: PODS)
Program Office Handles academic scheduling. For information, go to the Program Office Page
PSAL Public Schools Athletic League. PSAL teams are the official school team in a given sport and compete against other school teams. LaGuardia is a school where the lead in the Opera can also be a star player on the boys baseball team. (Note: LaGuardia is listed under F for Fiorello on the PSAL website…)  For more information, visit the LaGuardia Arts Athletics Page.
PupilPath Parents and Students can access the data that teachers enter into PupilPath, also known as Skedula, to learn about attendance records, assignments and grades. Parents should contact Parent Coordinator Allison Price at ext. 2235, for a registration number to sign up. You will then go to PupilPath’s registration page to sign up. Have your student’s OSIS number handy. PupilPath is also accessible from the school’s home page, under Resources at the bottom of the page. There is also a PupilPath app in the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). The app allows you to receive automatic updates and access your student’s daily progress.
Rave Sheet A form that is used by teachers and parents to “rave” to tell about a student’s accomplishments. The rave sheets are used in preparing the school’s letter of recommendation for colleges.
Regents Week During Regents Weeks, in January and June, only students who are taking Regents Exams will report to school. No classes are held for other students, however some students may be called to rehearsals if they are participating in a show that is in production.
Rehearsals Rehearsals usually take place after school rather than during school hours.
Rising Stars A school-wide talent show, in February, auditions open to all LaGuardia students, run by the PA. Students are involved in every aspect of the show from design to producing, with parent and teacher oversight.
Scantrons Multiple choice tests graded with machine readable cards. Fill in the dot.
Scenes Scenes from a published play. For instance the Opera workshop presents scenes from longer operas. The drama students work on scenes every year and at the end of each semester they perform the scene for faculty along with peers (Freshmen and Sophomore years), parents (junior year and senior year). Senior Scenes (or One Acts) take place in the fall and are open to the entire school community.
Schedule The “Regular” schedule is the regular bell schedule, as opposed to an OP, Conference, or Special Bell schedule. This affects the time school starts – important if you have a first period class! Also affects what time school finishes. Click here to view the standard bell schedules. See the school calendar to see which days have a different schedule.
School Life School Life is the LaGuardia Arts weekly news update — a collection of original material and collected/adapted information intended to keep the LaGuardia Community informed. School Life includes important information for parents, students, faculty and staff. To receive School Life by email, ensure that you have signed up for a PupilPath account. An archive of previous issues can be found on the school website under MyLaGuardia, Students, School Life.
SDF Spring Drama Festival, featuring the work of Drama seniors and Technical Theater students. Directed by Drama teachers. Three full-length shows are presented.
Semi-Annual Art Show One is late fall and one late spring. They display work across all grades that have been submitted by art teachers in all different classes – there is then a selection process by representative teachers.
Senior Art Shows 5 Senior Shows throughout the Spring, showcasing the work of 10-20 students. The students produce the show from concept to break down with faculty guidance.
Shop Call / Work Call Shop call: tech majors stay until 5pm three days a week so that all the different grades can work together. Work call: voluntary extra Saturday work for techies.
Skedula (PupilPath) On online grade book which teachers can use to keep track of attendance, assignments, grades, etc. Students and parents have access to the information through PupilPath. Not every teacher is using Skedula, so this information is not available for every class.
SLT School Leadership Team: made up of administrators, teachers, parents, and students, sets school academic policies. For a list of all the members, click on the Contact Us link above and scroll down.
Special Education See Accommodations.
Studio Appeal In addition to the All-School Appeal, every LaGuardia family is also asked to contribute to their child’s individual studio by making a Studio Donation (to Art, Dance, Drama, Music, or Technical Theater). The Studio Appeal is for donations that go directly to support your child’s studio needs. For more information go to: See also All-School Appeal.
Supplement Apps As part of the college application process, the addition of optional material show-casing the student’s special talent (they spend on average four hours a day doing it). Supplemental applications are recommended for all LaG students, even the student applying to traditional four year liberal arts colleges.
Tutoring Tutoring is offered by teachers and student peer tutors during the day. Students go to whichever teacher is available in the subject they need help in during the period that they are free (typically lunch). Each department office has a schedule of times and places for tutoring for their department. PM tutoring is after school tutoring with peer tutors.
Volunteers (parents) Working at auditions, shows, PA events, etc. is the best way to learn about the dual mission school. You will get valuable tips from fellow parent volunteers on academic questions while volunteering for an arts event! Sign up HERE or contact your PA Studio Rep or the volunteer coordinator
Winter Dance Showcase Performance by senior dance students of works by faculty, at the end of first semester.
Weekly Bulletin See School Life
Working Papers Students under the age of 18 who wish to work outside of school, either at a job or paid internship require Working Papers by New York State. Students should see Ms. Joanne Johnson, Room 230, before 1 p.m.
x2VOL x2VOL is a secure and accurate system that tracks and documents students’ community service learning hours. It is part of Naviance. For x2vol volunteer software questions, contact Mr. Alex Moore, Room 261.
Yellow Sheet (YS) See School Life above. (Years ago, the "Yellow Sheet" was once a way to refer to the school’s weekly newsletter, due to the color of paper it was printed on.)
Young Arts The National Young Arts Foundation runs an Arts Recognition and Talent Search. This prestigious award leads to designation as Presidential Scholar. For more information:

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See also LaGuardia Staff Directory

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