Give Today! Participation is at 15%. We can do better.

Lets get to 25% by the end of November.

Each studio requests a different donation to cover equipment and supplies for the students. If you can’t give the entire amount, any amount is appreciated. As a school we are at 15% participation, but we can do better. Remember, more participation by our parents means we have a better chance of getting more grants.

Donate today to your studio and help us get to 25% by the end of November. 

Art: $100
Dance: $100
Drama: $180
Music (Instrumental): $75
Music (Vocal): $75
Tech: $250


Because of your donations, the following is being funded by the PA: 

LaGuardia Arts Auditions

Unique to LaGuardia Arts, the audition process covers 3 weekends and brings over 14,000 eighth grade students into our school to audition for some 650 spots in next year’s freshman class. The PA supplies volunteers and also supports the audition process by paying for the audition judges and support staff.  Last year it was just over $100,000 and this year will likely be the same. The audition expense is paid by the Annual Appeal which, unlike the studio donation,  is an all school donation which helps cover costs like this.

If you’d like do donate to the Annual Appeal you can do so here. 

LaGuardia Arts High School Parents Association

The LaGuardia High School PA is a 501 (c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

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