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One of the most important activities of the LaGuardia Arts Parents Association is the development and implementation of fundraising activities and special events that support our children and the school. There are so many ways to help and so many opportunities to become a part of the LaGuardia community.


Volunteer at events and performances throughout the year
LaGuardia holds events throughout the year where we need parents to volunteer and help out. From auditions, freshman orientation to graduation, performances and event throughout the year, we need your help. It’s fun and rewarding to help and meet other parents at LaGuardia.

Fill out the volunteer form and let us know what you’re interested in (hospitality, food and beverage, communications, ticket sales, transportation, communications, etc.).


Studio Appeal
In addition to the LaGuardia PA Appeal, every LaGuardia family is also asked to contribute to their child’s individual studio by making a Studio Donation (to Art, Dance, Drama, Music, or Technical Theatre). The Studio Appeal is for donations that go directly to support your child’s studio needs.

  • Whether it’s ballet slippers, a trombone, paint brushes, or nuts and bolts for a new set, our school is unique and requires equipment and supplies other schools just don’t. The Studio Appeal helps provide our students with what is necessary for them to excel in each studio discipline.
  • Studio donations are completely voluntary—they are not dues. And we appreciate every penny we get.

Click here to make a studio donation

LaGuardia PA Appeal
Public school budgets continue to be cut and continue to affect LaGuardia students. The LaGuardia PA Appeal donations are used to fund school projects that that would not exist without your help. These are the types of things that the LaGuardia PA Appeal funds.

  • Graphing calculators, extra textbooks, a computer cart and computer, science lab equipment and supplies—just to name a few items.
  • Funding for the college office and college fairs. Assisting students who need help with college application fees, testing fees, and other related college application costs.
  • The audition process that allows LaGuardia to find the most talented and academically gifted students from all five boroughs in New York City.
  • Daily planners for each student.
  • Supplemental money for athletics. The PA was able to help our LaGuardia athletic department with repair or replacement of old equipment.

Click here to donate to the LaGuardia PA Appeal


Click on our Amazon web link, and you’ll be taken to the Amazon.com home page where you can shop as you normally do. Don’t worry that you don’t see mention of the LaGuardia PA – it looks and feels just like the usual Amazon website but when you shop using our specific link, the PA will earn a profit on your purchases at no cost to you!

Bookmark the link for future convenience and share it with your friends and family!

LaGuardia store at amazon.com
You can also shop for books and school supplies at our LaGuardia Arts store at Amazon.com by clicking on the link at the right.

Donors Choose
This partnership makes it easy for anyone to help a LaGuardia Arts classroom in need. Our teachers create classroom project requests, and you can give any amount to the project that inspires you.

A list of active projects is available at the right of this page, or click here to go to Donors Choose

Charity Buzz
Are you looking for the perfect gift – for a friend, a relative, a student or even for yourself? Go to www.charitybuzz.com/laguardia and place your bids! Items featured can include concerts, Broadway shows, private tours, master classes, apartment timeshares, restaurants, sports events and more!


The Annual Benefit
Each year, we hold our Annual Benefit fundraiser. Some years we honor former alumni, other years we have had special “Light Night” comedy evenings (2016) or Broadway Singalongs (2017-2019). Each of these have been spectacular evenings featuring famous Broadway and television performers, famous La! alums and friends from across the spectrum of the performing and fine arts, as well as our own marvelous students.

Stay tuned for announcements on 2020/21 fundraising and all the ways to be involved.

Fill out the volunteer form or contact our fundraising committee member on the contacts page.

Come and help us organize the event for 2020!

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