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    Please contact members of the 2015-2016 Executive Board below – just click on any name and a link will open so you can e-mail those EB members directly.

    Parents Association Executive Board 2015-16

    General Inquiries

    Kelly Edelman
    Kim Petersen

    Co-Vice Presidents
    Mark Courtney
    Debbie Teitelbaum

    Katie Sperling

    Assistant Treasurer
    Linda Hahn

    Sarah Reines

    Assistant Secretary
    Lisa Smith Trollbäck

    Community Involvement
    Marikka Tamura
    Judy Tint

    Academic Forum
    General Inquiries:
    Sarah Orlinsky-Maitland
    Lauren Pearlstone
    Stacey Sarnicola

    Freshman Representative
    Ro Johnson

    Executive Board elections are held each June except for the Freshman PA and SLT Rep positions, which are elected at the first PA meeting of the year in September.

    Art Studio Representatives
    Liz Craig
    Kathe Rychel

    Dance Studio Representatives
    Valerie Samuel
    Lisa Yvette Waller

    Drama Studio Representatives
    Tia Goodman
    Stuart Ohleyer

    Music Studio Representatives – Instrumental
    Jennifer Bernstein
    Laura Mount

    Music Studio Representatives – Vocal
    Megan Belmont
    Curt Mills

    Technical Theatre Studio Representatives
    General Inquiries:
    Paul Garrity
    Mindy Wigutow

    Ad Hoc Committees of the LaGuardia PA Executive Board
    (non-voting members)
    Ad Hoc Committees meet separately from the Executive Board but their chairpersons attend the EB meetings as non-voting delegates as needed. If you are interested in serving on any of these committees, please contact the chairs listed below.

    Fundraising Committee
    Sharon Avneri
    Melissa Bachner

    Newsletter (Sunday Night News)
    Laura Asmundsson

    Sports Committee
    Chair: Tom Fennell

    Volunteer Coordinator
    Katherine Ramirez


    Parent Representatives to the School Leadership Team (SLT)

    School Leadership Team  (SLT)

    The New York State Commissioner of Education has mandated that every school in the state have a School-Based Leadership Team (SLT), whose purpose is to further the excellence of education at the school through the mutual efforts of its core constituencies — students, teachers, parents and administrators – all of whom are represented on the committee. The LaGuardia Arts SLT usually meets once a month. The SLT is the policy-making arm of the school and engages in decision-making by consensus. Meetings are held 10 times during the school year during the late afternoon. Meeting schedules are determined annually in the fall.

    2014-15 School Leadership Team (SLT) Representatives

    Merrie Keller (Art)
    Diane Crawford (Dance)
    Laura Mount (Music)
    Katherine Ramirez (Drama/Tech)
    Pat Schlegel (Freshman Rep)

    SLT elections are held each spring.  The freshman rep to the SLT is elected at the first PA Meeting in September.

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