Beyond the (Gender Neutral) Bathroom

Info night on understanding the “gender revolution”

We celebrate diversity at LaGuardia – including flying the LGBTQ rainbow flag. In the past few years, that flag has added a few more colors – and is about more than just sexuality. We’ve seen laws passed defending and prohibiting bathroom use based on gender. We’re watching TV shows and movies debate these issues. And teens are at the forefront of that “gender
revolution”: in a recent survey, more than 40 % of high school students around the country identify as “not gender binary” — i.e., not strictly a “boy” or “girl”. But what does it mean to be “gender non-binary” or “gender fluid”? Is it the same as “transgender”? What does it mean when someone identifies as “queer”? What is the difference between gender identity and gender expression? How do you use the pronoun “they”? These are questions our kids are dealing with now – as it relates to themselves, their friends and their peers. The question for parents: how can we help our kids — straight, gay, queer and et. al — navigate this new world?

Join us for an info night with a parent and expert on April 25 at 6:00 PM in the Library. Everyone is welcome!

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