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Dear LaGuardia Parents,

As promised – here is a roundup of the links and contact emails that came out of last night’s Academic Forum on resources.


Thanks to all of you who came with questions and to Ms. Van Keulen, Mr. Moore, and Ms. Hunt for their presentations.


Programming, accommodations and IEPs:

  • Forms to request testing accommodations can be found on the website. 504 requests are processed by the LaGuardia staff and can take 30 days to finalize. They are reconsidered every year. College Board accommodations for testing (AP’s, SAT’s etc) are good for all four years of high school.
  • This is the first year that 9th, 10th & 11th grade students are taking PSAT in school.
  • Laura Van Keulen invites your questions about accommodations, IEPs & testing at Room 261.
  • If you found Mr. Moore’s presentation helpful, you can find & share it here. You can contact Mr. Moore at


  • The guidance suite on the second floor is now fully staffed. There are 7 counselors across the studios; two college advisors (taking on Ms. Levine’s caseload while on maternity leave); once conservatory advisor; one social worker (; and one substance abuse counselor.
  • Dr. Stricklin ( will be giving a more detailed look at the guidance suite at the November 19 Academic Forum.


  • The faculty tutoring schedule can be found here:
  • If your child’s schedule doesn’t allow him or her to take advantage of these times, consider a peer tutor through ARISTA. Write and include subject needed and free period.


  • The online library catalog can be found on the LaGuardia website under My LaGuardia, or bookmarked here: http://laguardia.wikispaces.comlogin: laghspassword: 10023
  • Susannah Tamarkin, the librarian, will do a deeper dive into library resources at the November 19 Academic Forum. Library report can be found here.


Online resources

  • The Academic Forum has compiled some popular online resources from students and teachers. They can be found here:
  • The LOTE teachers have compiled useful language practice sites here.

College Now

  • The deadline for enrolling for spring classes at City College is December 1. The deadline for enrolling at Hunter is December 13.


If you did attend this last Academic Forum, please give us some Feedback.




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Departmental Liaisons

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