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Dear LaGuardia Parents,


Our AP Psychology students need sheep brains and dissection tools, as well as modeling materials, to further their study of the biology of the brain. 


Mrs. McGoey has posted two new DonorsChoose projects, and both have matching funds available for ONLY the next three days.


Please contribute whatever you can. Type in SPARK in the field marked “promo of gift code” and be sure to hit APPLY. (If you don’t, there is no matching money!) The grant is only available for a limited time!


To help purchase the sheep brains and dissection tools please click: 

Sheep Baaa-rains for AP Psychology Study of Neuroanatomy!

Or type: 

To help purchase modeling materials please click:

 Let’s Make Play-Doh Brains for AP Psychology Review!

Or type:

Below is a letter from the Science Department…

Thank you,

Lisa Trollback

Academic Forum DonorsChoose Liaison

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Letter to the families of AP Psychology Students


Dear Parents/Guardians:


Our students need sheep brains in order to continue their studies of the biology of the brain in our AP Psychology classes. Our students deserve a full college-level experience in any AP class, and this dissection is a core part of advanced psychology studies.


Sheep-brain dissection provides a hands-on experience that helps students better understand the three-dimensional structure of the brain. While the course emphasizes the human brain, observation and evolution indicate many similarities between the sheep brain and human brain. Dissection is one of the many methods instructors use to teach the biology of the brain because it leaves such a lasting impression on the minds of all students who participate in it. In many cases it is an experience many -if not all-of them will carry with them for the rest of their lives.


While it is true that many people, for various reasons, oppose dissection in the classroom, and alternatives, such as models or online simulations, are available, hands-on dissection still provides the best opportunity for students to examine the brain’s structure for themselves.


If students see and dissect these sheep brains, and also create their own models, they will get more out of the lesson than if the teacher only lectured or assigned readings about it. But this only goes so far, and by performing hands-on dissections, it is my hope that our students will come away with a much greater respect for how their own brains work. By seeing first hand how truly complex a brain is, perhaps they will come to make wiser decisions regarding what they do to and put into their own bodies.


Please help your child to take part in this fascinating discovery process for AP Psychology by going onto Donors Choose.


Please contribute whatever you can.  We have a match code in effect for only the next three days, and the project request for the modeling materials is already half off — so we only need to raise 25% of its total cost, when you use the SPARK matching code on the payment page.


Thank you for giving our students the chance to learn beyond words in a textbook and videos on the Internet. Thank you for giving them an experience of a lifetime!


Many thanks,


Mrs. Bodha van Hellemond

Assistant Principal of Science



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Valerie Bowling

Elizabeth Kiem

Sarah Orlinsky-Maitland

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