Studio Elections

Music Studio Elections on March 23, 7:30 pm (doors open at 7 pm)

Open Positions:

ONE Music Studio Instrumental Co-Representative to lead alongside sitting Instrumental Co-Rep, Katherine Levine:
The Music Studio elects four Co-representatives—two Vocal Co-representatives and two Instrumental Co-representatives—to represent the interests of all Music families. Co-representatives serve on the Executive Board of the LaGuardia PA and are expected to attend both PA Executive Board meetings and the Music Studio PA Meetings, each of which are held once per month. They are responsible for general oversight of the Music Studio PA and chair the Music Studio PA Board. Their duties include but are not limited to:

  • planning and leading Studio PA meetings
  • fundraising for the Studio
  • providing leadership for Studio committees
  • attending and leading volunteers for at least 50% of Studio events
  • serving as a liaison between the LaGuardia High School administration including the AP-Music, the PA Executive Board and the Music parents
  • communicating with the Music parents and responding to concerns, and
  • providing content for communications with Music parents to the Co-Corresponding Secretaries.

ONE Music Studio Co-Recording Secretary to serve alongside sitting Co-Recording Secretary, Nan Hawley: The Music Studio Co-Recording Secretaries maintain the official records of the Music Studio PA meetings. They are responsible for providing sign-in sheets at Studio PA meetings, taking notes and finalizing them in the form of minutes for distribution in advance of the next Studio PA meeting. It is expected that at least one of the Co-Recording Secretaries will attend all Music Studio meetings, but if that is not possible, they are responsible for finding another parent to take notes at the meeting.

ONE Music Studio Co-Corresponding Secretary to serve alongside sitting Co-Corresponding Secretary, Irene Glazer: The Music Studio Co-Corresponding Secretaries work with the Co-Recording Secretaries to distribute minutes of each Studio PA meeting as well as financial information prior to each meeting. Using Constant Contact and working closely with the Co-Representatives, they are responsible for producing and distributing regular newsletters to families (Music Mondays) that include upcoming Music Studio events, information of interest, fundraising needs, requests for volunteers, and other items pertinent to Music Studio families.

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