Spring 2021 Elections



President/Co-Presidents (Individual or Slate of 2)

  1. FOR PA ELECTIONS: An individual may run for President. Also, two individuals may run together as a slate for Co-Presidents.
  2. The President/Co-Presidents will preside at all meetings of the PA and will be ex-officio members of all committees, except the Nominating Committee.
  3. The President/Co-Presidents will delegate responsibilities to other PA members and will encourage meaningful participation in all parent activities.
  4. The President will serve as the representative on the District 3 Presidents’ Council and the mandatory member of the School Leadership Team.
  5. In the event that the PA elects Co-Presidents, Co-Presidents must decide who will serve as the representative on the District 3 Presidents’ Council and who will serve as the mandatory member of the School Leadership Team. They shall then inform the general membership of their roles.
  6. The President/Co-Presidents will make sure emails sent to the general PA email address – Laguardiahspa@gmail.com – are answered promptly. This task may also be assigned to one of the Co-Vice Presidents or the Secretaries.
  7. The President/Co-Presidents will meet monthly with the Executive Board members in accordance with the PA Bylaws to plan agendas and discuss school-wide issues.
  8. The President/Co-Presidents will serve as signatories on checks written by the PA, pursuant to Section IX (B) of the PA Bylaws.
  9. The President/Co-Presidents will be responsible for development and review of both proposed budget and the budget process with the assistance of the Treasurer and approval of the Executive Board.
  10. The President/Co-Presidents will assist with the June transfer of PA records to the incoming Executive Board.

Co-Vice Presidents (2 positions)

  1. FOR PA ELECTIONS: An individual may run for Co-Vice President.
  2. The Co-Vice President will assist the Co-Presidents and will assume the Co-Presidents’ duties in their absence or at the Co-Presidents’ request.
  3. One of the Co-Vice Presidents will serve as Chair of the Fundraising Committee, and the other shall serve as Chair of the Communications Committee as decided by the Co-Vice Presidents.
  4. The Co-Vice President of Fundraising shall be responsible for coordinating fundraising activities with the city, school, and other events.
  5. The Co-Vice President of Communications is responsible for the PA website and will appoint a web master to make sure the site is kept up to date and accurate.
  6. The Co-Vice Presidents will assist with the June Transfer of PA Records to the incoming Executive Board.

Secretary (1 position)

  1. The Secretary will maintain the official record of the proceedings and actions of all PA meetings.
  2. The Secretary will maintain custody of the PA records and Reports.
  3. The Secretary shall maintain the PA Constant Contact database and assist Studios in communicating with their stakeholders.
  4. The Secretary will provide PA members with notices through email and will prepare and distribute meeting notices and agendas, minutes of past meetings, and sign-in sheets at each PA meeting.
  5. The Secretary will be responsible for reviewing, maintaining, and responding to all correspondence regarding the PA.
  6. The Secretary will sign and incorporate all amendments into the Bylaws and will ensure that copies of the amended Bylaws are on file in the Principal’s office.
  7. The Secretary will assist the treasurer with the June transfer of all PA records to the incoming Executive Board.

Assistant Secretary (1 position)

  1. The Assistant Secretary will assist the Secretary as requested and may perform all duties of the Secretary as requested.
  2. The Assistant Secretary will be responsible for corresponding with the parent body, including dissemination of information and all general communication.

Treasurer (1 position)

  1. The Treasurer will be responsible for all financial affairs and funds of the PA.
  2. The Treasurer will also be responsible for maintaining an updated record of income and expenditures and will be one of the signatories on checks written by the PA.
  3. The Treasurer will adhere to and implement all of the financial procedures established by the PA.
  4. The Treasurer will prepare and present a written report of all transactions at every Executive Board and general PA meeting. This report will include income, refunds, reimbursements and other expenditures and opening and closing balances for the reporting period.
  5. The Treasurer will prepare the interim PA Financial Report by January 31 and the Annual PA Financial Report by the June meeting, including all income, expenditures, and other transactions. These reports will be presented to and reviewed by the general PA membership.  Copies of these reports will be provided to the principal.
  6. The Treasurer will make available all books or financial records for viewing by PA members upon request and for audit.
  7. The Treasurer will assist with the June transfer of all PA records to the incoming Executive Board.

Assistant Treasurer (1 position)

  1. The Assistant Treasurer will assist the Treasurer in all of the duties of Treasurer.

Academic Forum Co-Chairs (4 positions)

  1. Co-Chairs will represent the academic interests of all parents and support the academic faculty.
  2. Co-Chairs will convene regular meetings of the Academic Forum based on the needs of students and parents, such as college readiness, academic opportunities outside of the school such as College Now courses, AP classes, contacting guest speakers, and issuing notices for these meetings.
  3. Co-Chairs will meet with counterparts among LaGuardia High School faculty and administration and with all others involved in academic matters.
  4. Co-Chairs will issue reports and recommendations, as appropriate, to the Executive Board, to the general PA membership, and to the LaGuardia faculty and administration.
  5. Co-Chairs will share responsibilities and decide amongst themselves how they will divide the workload responsibilities.
  6. FOR PA ELECTIONS – Academic Forum Co-Chairs will run individually, and decide together the roles each committee chair will have.

Community Involvement Co-Chairs (2 positions)

  1. FOR PA ELECTIONS – Community Involvement Co-Chairs will run individually. Co-Chairs will decide together the roles each committee chair will have.
  2. Community Involvement Co-Chairs will attend all regular meetings of the Manhattan Federation and district meetings as the Co-Presidents’ Designees.
  3. Community Involvement Co-Chairs will follow education news in the city and state in order to keep the Executive Board and the LaGuardia High School PA well-informed of current issues and actions that may need to be taken.

SLT General Parent Representative

The core responsibility of each SLT is to develop the School’s Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) that is aligned with the school-based budget.  The SLTs are strongly encouraged to solicit input from various school community constituencies in order to ensure that all voices are heard regarding the needs of the students.  Functioning in a collaborative manner, the SLT also help to evaluate the effectiveness of the school’s educational programs and their impact on student achievement.  The SLTs receive support and guidance as needed from their District Leadership Teams.

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