Sunday Night News

Dear LaGuardia Families:
Excuse us for a second while we pick up our jaws from off the floor, which had dropped in amazement Thursday evening and stayed that way all weekend. It all started at the opening performance of the SDF #2: August: Osage County. As soon as we settled in our seats, we were awed by the stunning stage design—a three-story metal-framed building, complete with sets of stairs, incredibly detailed and furnished rooms and windows that were back-lit with outdoor scenery. And when the actors took to the stage, they completely captivated us with their portrayal of a deeply complicated family. During every second of this four-performance run, which concluded on Sunday evening, we marveled at how these were teenagers performing so convincingly as middle-aged adults. A standing ovation for the tech crew, the actors, and their very dedicated and talented teachers! We have included some photos below.

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